Sanders & Sanders Ltd.は1873年にウィリアムとトーマスのサンダース兄弟によって、靴の聖地ノーサンプトン、ラシュデンに設立されました。当初はわずか5人の職人だけでのスタートでしたが、グッドイヤー製法の発展と1910年代のイギリス軍への軍靴供給契約をきっかけに大きく発展、5世代続くファミリーマネジメントを今日まで継続しつつ、今では世界中にクライアントをかかえる老舗シューメーカーとして知られています。


Sanders & Sanders Ltd was established in 1873 by the Brothers William and Thomas Sanders in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Although the start was with only 5 craftsmen, thanks to the evolution of Goodyear-welted manufacturing and the contract with British Army in 1910’s, their shoe business has steadily expanded until now. Sanders & Sanders Ltd is still under family management of their 5th generation, and known as well-established shoemaker with clients worldwide.

その証としてイギリスの靴業界の分野としては僅かなメーカーにしか与えられていないISO 9001のAssurance認可を取得しています。

With the skill of traditional goodyear-welting handed down from the old craftsmen and well selected natural materials, Sanders are able to maintain the quality of the shoes to this day, being awarded the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification, which is rarely given for shoemakers in the UK.

結果、コストパフォーマンスに優れた伝統的なMade in England のシューズの製造が可能となっています。

Through years of supplying shoes and boots to MOD, police and military in other countries, Sanders have established the unique management systems leading Sanders to quantity but also quality production in efficient way.
Thanks to this, Sanders can highly save its production cost compared to other shoemakers and so can offer traditional “Made in England” shoes of excellent cost performance.



This is a Japan-only collection planned from the last, based on the archives of military shoes stored by Sanders, the official supplier to the MOD (British Ministry of Defense).

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"B.G.S."とは"Boots, Ankle, General service"の略称で、1880年代~1950年代にイギリス軍へ供給されていた、別名"Ammunition Boots"とも呼ばれた靴です。当時のアーカイブモデルをベースにラストを再現した生産された日本限定のコレクションです。

B.G.S. is an abbreviation for "Boots, Ankle, General service", also known as "Ammunition Boots", which were supplied to the British Army from the 1880s to the 1950s. This is a Japan-only collection produced by reproducing the last based on the archived model of the time.

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It will be a regular collection with many variations produced mainly by the traditional Goodyear welt method, mudguard method, etc. developed by Sanders.

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